December 19, 2006
Retiring from full-time work at the age of 43 certainly seems to me
like something worth celebrating! When I got home from work
after my final day I can tell you I had a big smile on my face. I met
Robin on the stairs and we hugged and said "WE'RE RETIRED!"
We literally danced with excitement. Walking out of the office for
the last time felt surreal but wonderful.

December 20, 2006
Colorado's Christmas Blizzard of 2006 welcomed us into early
retirement with 32 inches of snow! We had planned on going to a
local B&B to celebrate our 20th  anniversary, but the amount of
snow was so overwhelming we decided to stay home instead
where it was warm and cozy. Good idea! We easily could have
been stranded on the highway otherwise. Instead we had what
was perhaps the most unusual 20th anniversary celebration ever,
dining on Hormel’s Chili and nacho chips with cheese instead of
the fine cuisine we had been expecting. But we were in good
spirits and made it a party. We certainly had plenty to celebrate,
what with our newfound freedom from work, a 5-month trip to
New Zealand and Fiji just around the corner, and a marriage that
has not just survived but thrived for twenty years.
Early Retirement! (Dec 2006)
Goodbye cubicle, hello world!
Goodbye cubicle, hello world!
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