Where We Goin'
We've just booked our trip to Australia! It's a 7-week trip
from March to May 2019. It will feature 10 days in Sydney,
10 days in Tasmania, 10 days in Brisbane & the Great
Barrier Reef, 10 days in Melbourne & Victoria, and 7
days in Uluru & Alice Springs. In most cases (except
Sydney) we'll rent a car so we can explore the area in
depth. The details are still being finalized but at least we
have a rough plan. This trip to Australia has been a long
time in coming -- we've talked about it for 3 or 4 years
but it has never quite worked out -- so we're excited to
finally have airline tickets booked and an overall plan in
place. More details to come. Meanwhile, we continue to
enjoy Maine, and Panama City Beach come Jan & Feb.